Transgender speaking at SDA Campmeeting. ABOMINATION! Ted Wilson on Homosexuality/LGBT. SDA Kinship

Planet Earth has become modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah. This video offers Free Conversion Therapy to those of the LGBT.

List of CURRENT EVENTS addressed in this video

1. Pope Francis reportedly told a gay man ‘God made you like this’

2. Anglican church votes in favor of same-sex marriage

3. SDA Church paying transgender Randi Dee Robertson (non-sda) to speak at Camp meeting in July 2018

4.Seventh-day Adventist Kinship department encourages LGBT lifestyle

5. European SDA Kinship meeting in Austria in September

6. Ted Wilson issues statement on homosexuality.

7. Disney channel featuring first LGBT storyline “Andi Mack

8. Super Drags: Netflix set to release drag queen superhero cartoon.

9. Ontario (Canada) says LGBT rights overrule rights of Christian parents.

10. California bill AB-2943 threatens freedom of those who oppose homosexuality

11. US supreme court rules in favor of Christian baker who refused a cake for a gay couple.

12. Christian group sues Palm Beach C Boca over bans on conversion therapy.

13. Portland church sued for 2.3 million for not allowing LGBT event on their property.

14. Britain reaching new peak acceptance for LBGT rights study finds.

15. India supreme court could be about to decriminalize gay sex in major victory for LGBT rights

16. England football association backs LGBT fans at the World Cup in Russia.

17. Social justice warrior launches petition against Coming Out Ministries.

18. Crossfit spokesperson fired for saying gay pride is a sin.

19. Kilauea Volcano grows more hazardous as spewing lava causes first major injury.

20. Kilauea volcano eruption seismic activity increases earthquakes strike 5 days in a row.

21. Call2fall a time to declare national dependence upon God.

22. Its disgraceful: Franklin Graham rebukes immigration policy on CBN

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