PROOF: Secret Rapture is a LIE!

I had to turn off the comments in my last video AND THIS VIDEO because of the precious souls that kept posting man-made prophecies. They had no idea their pastors lied to them. I simply don’t have time to keep repeating the same list of Bible verses over and over again in every comment they make that prove the secret rapture and 7 year trib theory was invented by the Vatican and then “all the world wondered after the beast” to follow her lead in this lie AND MORE.

If you have questions, please check out the studies I posted below.

“The Rapture”

“The 7 year trib; fact or fiction?”

If you still have questions, email me from my main site’s “contact” page at

PS.. if you plan to send hate emails, don’t bother. I just delete them. If you have to use name calling, four letter words, and threats to prove you’re a “Christian” then I suggest getting out of the church you’re in IMMEDIATELY and seek Jesus Christ as Lord.

All links to the videos and articles mentioned in video AND MORE are in my most recent poGm blog entry at:

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