Randy Skeete Rejected by 2 SDA churches in Kenya. Lesson for Preachers. Time to Raise up Churches

Randy Skeete will leave Nairobi (Kenya) after he was refused (banned) permission to preach in two Seventh Day Adventist churches.

Pastor Randy Skeete was originally scheduled to be the guest speaker at this year’s one-week camp meeting at Newlife SDA Church in Kisii County but was turned away.

The pastor opted to conduct the one-week mission service at Gloryland SDA Church in Nairobi but that, too, did not materialise.

Having been blocked by the South Kenya Conference for the Kisii mission and Central Kenya Conference for the Gloryland mission, the American preacher opted to head to Uganda.

Randy Skeete rejected by 2 SDA churches in Kenya (Africa). Lesson for Ministers. Time to Raise up Churches

Young ministers should not be encouraged to preach to the churches. This is not their work. They are to go forth without the camp, taking up the work in places where the truth has not yet been proclaimed. Let them go in the humility and meekness of Christ, obtaining strength from the source of all strength. RH August 19, 1902, par. 3

You can do the most good in new places. Go to a place and there remain until a company is raised up. And then do not leave that company for the wolves to come in and tear to pieces. Visit them often. Look after them as a shepherd would look after his flock. I saw that instead of going round among the large churches where they are well established, you should feel the burden especially of those raised up in new places, little companies situated in dark places. They need to be looked after often. But it has been the case with you that you have neglected and left these little companies to perish. This is wrong. Lt33-1861.3

The time has come for me to speak decidedly. The purpose of God in the establishment of our college has been plainly stated. There is an urgent demand for laborers in the gospel field. Young men who design to enter the ministry cannot spend a number of years in obtaining an education. Teachers should have been able to comprehend the situation and adapt their instruction to the wants of this class. Special advantages should have been given them for a brief yet comprehensive study of the branches most needed to fit them for their work. But I have been shown that this has not been accomplished. 5T 27.3

Where are the missionaries who should be raised up at the heart of the work? From twenty to fifty should be sent out from Battle Creek every year to carry the truth to those who sit in darkness. But piety is at so low an ebb, the spirit of devotion is so weak, worldliness and selfishness so prevalent, that the moral atmosphere begets a lethargy fatal to missionary zeal. 5T 187.1

We need a school where those who are just entering the ministry may be taught at least the common branches of education and where they may also learn more perfectly the truths of God’s word for this time. In connection with these schools, lectures should be given upon the prophecies. Those who really have good abilities such as God will accept to labor in His vineyard would be very much benefited by only a few months’ instruction at such a school. (161) 3T 160.2

God calls for consecrated workers who will be true to Him—humble men who see the need of evangelistic work and do not draw back but do each day’s work faithfully, relying upon God for help and strength in every emergency. The message is to be taken up by those who love and fear God. Lay not your burden upon any conference. Go forth, and, as evangelists, in a humble way present a “Thus saith the Scriptures.”—Letter 43, 1905. Evangelism pg 24

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