Nehemiah REBUKES SDA Leaders 4 APOSTASY, Sealing, National Sunday Law, Bibles Banned, & CA Bill 2943

We need Nehemiahs in this age of the world, who shall arouse the people to see how far from God they are because of the transgression of his law. Nehemiah was a reformer, a great man raised up for an important time.
The Southern Watchman June 28th, 1904

Nehemiah REBUKES SDA Leaders 4 APOSTASY, The National Sunday Law, Bibles Banned, & CA Bill 2943

Apostasy is rife among SDA churches, both within the general conference and outside the conference (self supporting).

California’s ‘stay gayy bill is about to become law. Will Christians refuse to obey man? Or will they obey God?

Union of Church and State will lead to the Mark of The Beast in America. A National Sunday Law is moments away. Are you ready?

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