Trump Prophecy Movie & Mark Taylor FALSE Prophet EXPOSED. America, Antichrist, & Mark of the Beast

America in Bible Prophecy:

Mark Taylor is sure he knows why Donald Trump became president.
Trump’s victory was God’s will, said Taylor. Taylor said he knows this because God told him so.In 2011, while watching an interview with Trump on TV, Taylor says he heard a voice saying, “The Spirit of God says I’ve chosen this man, Donald Trump, for such a time as this.”
And the Almighty is just getting started, said Taylor, a former firefighter who has published 23 “prophetic words,” many about Trump’s presidency.The presidential prediction is detailed in “The Trump Prophecy,” a new film produced with the help of faculty and students at Liberty University — some of whom later rejected its message — that will be shown in some 1,200 theaters on Oct. 2 and 4.The film is part of a small but influential “Trump prophecy” movement that proclaims the current administration is divinely ordained and condemns its critics as servants of Satan.A number of high-profile evangelical and charismatic leaders — among them evangelist Franklin Graham, Baptist preacher Robert Jeffress, pollster George Barna and presidential adviser and televangelist Paula White — have asserted that God intervened in 2016 to ensure the election of Trump. The prophecy movement goes a step further to claim Trump is a modern-day King Cyrus, a pagan king who came to the aid of God’s people and rescued them from exile. Lance Wallnau, a self-proclaimed prophet who spoke at the recent Values Voters Summit, has labeled Trump “God’s Chaos Candidate.” In October 2016, Wallnau said God told him that “Donald Trump is a wrecking ball to the spirit of political correctness” and predicted Trump would become president.Wallnau, who appears in Taylor’s film, said the election is part of a larger religious revival that is “healing the land.”
“Believers have got to get their act together if they want to preserve their way of life,” said Wallnau in the film. He declined to be interviewed. A number of charismatic leaders, including Wallnau, Cindy Jacobs, Alveda King, Steve Shultz, Rick Joyner, Frank Amedia, and Lou Engle, work with POTUS Shield, which organizes prayer for the Trump administration.The group recently called for an around-the-clock vigil for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. In announcing the vigil, Amedia repeated a prophecy from 2016 that asserts Trump will appoint three new justices to the high court.Taylor, said he began receiving prophecies after retiring from the Orlando Fire Department because of health concerns. As the film details, Taylor struggled with depression, insomnia, symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, and suicidal thoughts. During that time, he said, he has received visitations from demons, angels and even God himself. Other prophecies followed, he has said.
In a scene that’s re-enacted in the film, Taylor shared his “prophetic words” with Mary Colbert, an author and activist, and she affirmed her belief in their divine origin.“This is good,” she tells Taylor after studying them. “It has that rhythm to it when the Holy Spirit is bearing witness to the truth. At least it does to me. I think you have to let the whole world know about this.”In the film, Colbert transforms Taylor’s words into a national movement by organizing a phone prayer network that attracted as many as 100,000 callers.Asked about the specific role God played in the 2016 election, Taylor first gave the caveat that he is not a preacher or theologian. Then he gave his explanation for Trump’s victory.“The army of God stood up and repented on behalf of the land, and God healed the land and performed a miracle on Nov. 8,” he told Religion News Service.Taylor calls himself a “prophetic voice,” not a prophet. Scholars say he and others like him differ from biblical prophets they have studied. Those prophets, the scholars say, often critiqued leaders of the day.

“The prophet Nathan condemned King David’s sin with Bathsheba. Nathan would never say what Trump’s court prophets have said: ‘I am going to give you a mulligan for this sin because you are going to appoint pro-life Supreme Court justices.’” How Independent Leaders Are Changing the Religious Landscape,” studies the growing movement of charismatic Christian leaders who describe themselves as apostles and prophets. “The prophets in the Bible focused primarily on critiquing those in power and revealing how they have fallen short of living up to God’s standards, especially in their treatment of the most vulnerable people in society,” said Christerson. “These modern-day prophets seem to be doing something quite different — using their predictions of the future to rally support for a person in power of dubious moral character.”Producer Rick Eldridge of ReelWorks Studios, which made the film, has a longtime interest in prophecy.

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