Seventh-Day Adventists Persecuted 4 Sabbath in Korea & Kenya. Arrested 4 Preaching the Truth?

Seventh-day Adventists in Korea are requesting prayers from their world church family as a landmark Sabbath-keeping lawsuit makes its way to the nation’s Supreme Court. First-year medical student Jiman Han is suing for the right to take university exams outside of Sabbath hours. His predicament is one that thousands of Adventists in Korea have faced through the years, with many university and professional accreditation exams scheduled on Sabbath. This will be the first time Korea’s highest court has taken up the issue, and a favorable outcome could give Sabbath-keepers—and other people of faith—new religious freedom protections.

Pastor Lee Ji Choon, the Public Affairs and Religious Liberty director for the church in Korea, explains that while religious freedom is a constitutional right under Korean law, this has not always translated into real-life protections for those who worship on Saturday. Jiman Han began his lawsuit only after he repeatedly tried, and failed, to gain permission from his university to take his exams on a day other than Sabbath. He lost his case initially, but then, last month, won after appealing to a higher court. The university, however, has now appealed to the Supreme Court to overturn Jiman Han’s victory, and so he must continue his legal fight for Sabbath accommodation.

In a statement released by his family, Jiman Han called his long-running lawsuit a “great pressure and challenge,” but said he believed “God’s providence will be with us as we carry on the battle. We are sincerely grateful to the church members for their support and prayers.”

According to Pastor Lee Ji Choon, the fight is not only for Jiman Han himself, but for all Korean Adventist Church members and for other people of faith who seek religious freedom protections. Jiman Han’s situation is not uncommon for Adventists in Korea, but this is the first time that Korea’s highest court has taken up the issue. A ruling in Jiman Han’s favor would provide a precedent that could help alleviate the often-wrenching choices church members continue to face.

A female student at a Catholic-sponsored national high school in Kisii, Kenya, has been suspended by the school after she refused to take examinations on Saturday due to her Seventh-day Adventist faith.

According to Kenya’s Tuko news site, the unnamed student was sent home from Nyabururu Girls High School after she delivered a letter saying that she would not take upcoming Physics and Mathematics exams on Saturday. School administration recommended she get counseling.

In the letter, the student wrote, “Despite the consequences, I will never ever study or do exams on God’s own stationed Sabbath. I know that everything that happens God is always aware of it. I need not be afraid of the outcome. As God delivered Daniel from the den of lions, he will also deliver me. I know God is my Lord and King of kings.”

Canadian man faces 2 years in Jail for passing out pamphlets on LGBT with Bible verses on it.


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