Moses Faith,Solomon’s Wisdom vs Socrates Sorcery,Doubt.Pope & DC Comics:Jesus Failed.EU Bans HomeSch

1. Pope Francis & DC Comics: Jesus was a Failure. Marvel Announces First Drag Queen Superhero. 3:04 – 9:30
2. Babylon, Persia, Rome & Papacy literally enslaved and persecuted God’s people. What about Greece? 9:31 – 13:50
3. Alexander The Great established Alexandria in Egypt to teach Spiritualism, Pantheism, Paganism; the Jews went there for Education. 13:51- 21:02
4. Jews chose to be prisoners to Greek Philosophy & Egyptian Idolatry between Malachi and Matthew. 21:03 – 27:56
5. Jews should not have sought education from Alexandria Egypt, because they had Solomon’s Account. Jesus did not encourage any to attend the Rabbinical Schools of His day (8T 10). 27:57 – 55:09
6. Solomon’s strange wives typify the Papacy. The Papacy establishes Schools to overthrow Protestantism and enslave people. 55:10 – 1:00:10
7. Jews should not have sought education from Alexandria Egypt, because they had Moses’ Account. 1:00:11 – 1:11:36
8. The Education of Egypt, the Philosophy and “Wisdom” of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle all lead to Doubt and Witchcraft. As a result the Hebrews did not enter Canaan & the Jews rejected Jesus. Jews required a Sign because they Doubted Jesus. Satan used Doubt to lead Eve to Sin. 1:11:37 – 1:30:36
9. Jesus overcame Satan on the point of Doubt in the first Temptation. Jesus relied on the Evidence He received at the Baptism. God gives Ample Evidences in order to strengthen Us to Walk By Faith. 1:30:37 – 1:34:08
10. Hooks To Hang Doubts Upon (GC 527). European Countries Ban Homeschooling with Fines and the Removal of Children. 1:34:09 – 1:41:37

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