NAD hosts Ecumenism;Pope:Not Optional.Congress bows literally to Jesuit.Anti-Vax.Veganism.Passover

1. The Passover Feast passed away forever. The Ordinance of Humility & Lord’s Supper have taken its place. 0:01 – 5:02
2. Study the Passover to better understand Communion Service. Context of Passover was the coming plague of death & executive Judgment. 5:03 – 13:21
3. As in Daniel 3 so it is today. Another Musician, Hayley Orrantia, says Give me back, give me back Sunday. 13:22 – 15:34
4. Worldwide Sunday Shopping Ban with an anomaly: North Dakota passes bill removing Sunday Shopping Ban. 15:35 – 20:04
5. Context of Passover was the coming time of suffering and crucifixion. Devout Catholic fired, wins $21 Million. Evangelistic E-Book. 20:05 – 26:50
6. Context of Passover was the secret plot to kill Jesus. The Mark of the Beast is making its way in darkness. Veganism and the Mark of Beast connection. Stop eating meat to combat Climate Change. To combat Climate Change, eliminate consumer choice. Sugar, when largely used, is more injurious than meat. 26:51 – 35:54
7. The Anti-Vaccine Movement is a top global threat in 2019 in order to combat Climate Change and pestilences. 35:55 – 38:32
8. The purpose of the Passover was to prepare Israel for battle, the fall of Jericho (a type of Babylon), and to possess the promised land. Jesuit and 666 connection. America’s lawmakers in Congress literally bowed down before a pro-LGBT Jesuit. 38:33 – 51:01
9. Context of Passover was urgency: Eat Passover in haste. Pope: “Christian Unity is not Optional. Ecumenism is my priority.” North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists hosted Ecumenism Prayer Breakfast & stated that it does not matter what day people worship on. 51:02 – 1:03:02
10. Passover was a time of purification. Passover was to be held on the first day of the first month. Reasons given for a special Passover that was held on the 14th day of the second month. 1:03:03 – 1:12:06
11. Both the Stranger and the Jew had to be circumcised before partaking of the Passover. 1:12:07 – 1:19:46
12. During Passover no person should leave the house. Judas Iscariot left & was lost. Hebrews who doubted God did not partake of the Passover before entering Canaan. Passover must be kept by faith. Jesus, our Passover, was sacrificed for us. During Passover, Jews were told to “Behold their King. 1:19:47 – 1:36:49

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