Pioneer Memorial SDA in Apostasy. Gender Equality Theology. Off Grid Homeowner Kicked Off Property

Women’s Ordination is being propelled partially by the teaching of Gender Equality Theology that is promoted by Catholic, Anglican, Baptist, United, Salvation Army, Lutheran and Seventh-Day Adventist.

Pioneer Memorial Church in Berrien Springs posted a February 20 blog announcement on their website.

Our new youth pastor will be a woman. In a few days, the conference will be interviewing several woman pastor candidates, any of whom will serve the youth of this congregation with passion and excellence. According to this press release, Pioneer Memorial’s requirements for a Youth Pastor are:

Female (just the opposite of the biblical model for a pastor—which is male—PMC is after a female). The words “any of whom” in the above quote reveal PMC’s progressive bias to give the job exclusively to a woman.

A church leader’s passion to have gender equality integrated into teaching curricula in theological colleges in the Pacific came to fruition in 2016 with the introduction of gender equality theology (GET). Dr Seforosa Akata Carroll is a church minister, theologian and academic who has been instrumental in integrating GET into church theology in PNG and across the Pacific. Dr Seforosa started working with another Pacific theologian, Reverend Cliff Bird from the Solomon Islands, to develop a theology which reflects equality between men and women. This collaboration resulted in an ecumenical statement in 2014 called the theology of gender equality.

The Parable of the 10 Virgins, Talents, and Vineyard

A Huntsville man wanting to live “off-the-grid,” providing his own power and sanitation within the city of Huntsville, has been fighting for over a year to keep his home. Just last week, an appellate court upheld a judge’s ruling that Tyler Truitt has 14 days to remove his trailer from his property. Huntsville has an ordinance that trailers must be located within a mobile home park which his is not.

But Truitt said he’s standing his ground and will not be removed from living on property he owns. Tyler Truitt and his girlfriend Soraya Hamar outside the courtroom Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2015 after losing a decision about whether their manufactured home is legal where they put it.

Bernie Sanders blames climate change for Lee County tornado death toll

On Sunday, a series of tornadoes, often called a tornado “outbreak,” touched down in Alabama, Georgia, and the Florida Panhandle.
Twenty-three people are dead in Lee County, Alabama, including several children. Dozens are still missing, and homes and property throughout the Southeastern US have been destroyed.

Man wears Dress to the Oscars

International Women’s Day

Gender Neutral Clothing for Kids and Babies

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