EU SundayLaw by May.National Sabbath Declaration & Manifesto.Religions back UN’s SDG.144K only Jews?

1. Matthew 16:13: “O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times?” News: “Maybe it’s time to declare a national sabbath.” “Sabbath and Sunday observed simultaneously.” “Sabbath Manifesto: National Day of Unplugging.” The Sabbath Controversy is the final test. 0:01 – 16:43
2. Bible Study: Who are the children of Israel that will comprise the 144,000? Will our race/ethnicity save us? Will our church affiliation save us by default? 16:44 – 55:07
3. Bible Study: Simon of Cyrene and the Canaanite woman represent a group of people that will be among the 144,000. 55:08 – 1:09:33
4. News: Anti-vaxxers and the Unvaccinated are being blamed for the Measles Epidemic and other pestilences. They are being threatened with fines, and imprisonment. “Vatican Life Academy: Parents must vaccinate, even if vaccines come from aborted babies.” “Pandemic: Mosquito-borne diseases.” “Cyclones in Africa and the Americas destroyed property, food, and lives.” “Vatican Urges Religions to Back U.N.’s ‘Sustainable Development Goals’.” “COMECE: We are promoting a one-world religion.” 1:09:34 – 1:18:20
5. Meditate upon this closing scene of Christ’s earthly ministry. Learn lessons of preparation for the impending crises in the experiences of the thieves on the cross. 1:18:21 – 1:31:56
6. News: Free Sunday can build bridge among people.” European Sunday Alliance, COMECE pushing for ‘Mandatory Sunday Rest for Families’ and ‘Mandatory Free Sunday for Families’ in the European Union by May 2019. 1:31:57 – 1:44:36

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