T.Wilson Flip-flops on Sunday In Pipeline.SDAs’ Easter Challenge.Climate Betrayal.144k & 12 Gates

President Ted Wilson Flip-flops on Sunday Law In Pipeline. SDAs’ Push Easter Sunday Challenge to Unite with Babylon. Climate Betrayal. 144,000, 12 Tribes, 12 Gates, 12 Foundations & 12 Pearls. SDA Pastors Agree: Send Children To School On God’s Sabbath.
1. “Chinese City Pays Citizens $1,500 to Be a ‘Mini Judas’ and Turn in Christians.” Video: Jan Marcussen’s Interview with Bob Vun Kannon:  “SDA Pastors Agree: Send Children To School On God’s Sabbath.” 0:01 – 5:01
2. The Church may appear as about to Fall…The 144,000 will be revealed after the Mark of the Beast is enforced. 5:02 – 11:07
3. Bible Study: Who are the 144,000, the children of Israel, in connection with Romans 9 & Romans 11? 11:08 – 27:39
4. Bible Study: The 144,000 in connection with the 12 Gates of New Jerusalem, the 12 Foundations. Under which Gate & Tribe will we enter New Jerusalem? 27:40 – 38:25
5. Bible Study: The 12 Gates are 12 Pearls. In order to enter the Kingdom of Glory, we must experience the Kingdom of Grace. The Kingdom of Heaven or Throne of Grace (Heb.4:16) is like unto a merchant man, seeking goodly pearls: who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it.” Matt.13:45,46. Discover the many applications of the Pearl. 38:26 – 52:29
6. Bible Study: Discover the counterfeit merchant who is also selling pearls and wearing pearls. Bible believing Christians should not wear the ornament of pearls; they should manifest in their lives what the pearl represents. 52:30 – 59:00
7. The merchant man in the parable should represent us. Jesus is also represented by the merchant man. Understand what makes us the pearl of great price. 59:01 – 1:11:46
8. Current Events: The Climate Betrayal. 1:11:47 – 1:14:09
9. Current Events: Teachers promote Meat-free & Dairy-free Mondays to combat Climate Change. 1:14:10 – 1:15:09
10. Current Events: Bring Back The Blue Laws. Sunday Law rumblings in the European Union. However, the Sunday Law must be enforced in the United States first. 1:15:10 – 1:21:48
11. Video: President Ted Wilson Flip-flops on Sunday Law In Pipeline. 1:21:49 – 1:29:52
12. Current Events: SDAs Fully Unite with Roman Catholic Church in B’ville. Kettering SDA Church: Easter Sunday Challenge to unite with Babylon. 1:29:53 – 1:37:49

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