REPOST: SDA Pastor David Gates False Prophet – His DATED prophecy FAILED before the eyes of all.

As many are aware, David Gates “prophesied” something MUST happen in the Spring of 2019 – he said it will happen no later than “March or April” in fact.

We knew back on December 15, 2018 and April 07 of 2019 (as this video confirms) that his “prophecy would fail” long before it was dated to fulfill. Using his starting point of the Pope’s visit to Congress we proved he did actually set a date for fulfillment on or by March 07, 2019. But even after that date came and went, MANY SDA’s still defended him by saying his prophecy could still fulfill by April 22 and some stated by April 30.

Well… IT IS NOW MAY 02, 2019 and we now have confirmation on many levels (December 2018, March 07, April 07, April 22 and April 30) that Seventh Day Adventist pastor David Gates is a false prophet.

Please share this video with as many SDA’s as possible. They need to be warned.

SDA False Prophets (Gates-Nelson-Carter-Batchelor-Veith-Wilson-Bacchiocchi-Finley-Cox-3ABN..etc)

In that video I show many months before his prophecy was to fulfill that it will fail because you can NOT change the Bible as David Gates tried to do.
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I don’t like making videos like this, but I must warn the people who trust these men. (See Ephesians 5:11)

To keep the video short, it is mostly directed to students of prophecy who already understand biblical and prophetic jurisprudence. David Gates predicted an event, and as I warned last December, it will NOT be fulfilled.

If you need to do extra study on the 1260 years that David Gates was moved to twist out of context to help Rome’s position in the church today, see this quick study …

For even more info on how Rome uses the 1260 “day” twist to confuse the people, see this widely accepted Jesuit invented false prophecy …

All links to prophetic and historic info mentioned in this video are listed in my poGm blog entry at:

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