23 Adventists Arrested. 21 Evangelicals Oppose Equality Act, LGBT. Religious Liberty Under Attack



23 Adventists Arrested. 21 Evangelicals Oppose Equality Act, LGBT. Religious Liberty Under Attack

Seventh Day Adventist church says leaders, 21 others arrested in Burundi. The Seventh Day Adventist Church has accused the Burundi government of “harassment”, saying that two of its local leaders and 21 others had been arrested in recent weeks.

“For more than six months, the Burundi government has increasingly harassed and abused the Seventh-day Adventist Church by imprisoning, beating, and intimidating Seventh-day Adventist church leaders and members,” the church’s United States-based president Ted Wilson said in a statement this week.

21 Evangelical & Christian leaders delivered a letter to Republican and Democratic leadership in the US House and the US Senate opposing the Equality Act, H.R. 5. which is scheduled for vote in the House of Representatives on Friday, May 17. The pastors and other evangelical leaders who initially signed the letter include: Tony Perkins, Michele Bachmann, Paul Blair, Stephen Broden, Carter Conlon, James Dobson, Jim Garlow, Franklin Graham, Jack Graham, Jack Hibbs, Harry Jackson, Jr., Robert Jeffress, Guillermo Maldonado, Eric Metaxas, Robert Morris, Ramiro Peña, Everett Piper, Ralph Reed, James Robison, Todd Wager, and Tim Wildmon.

The letter stated:

“As those tasked with the leadership of the church, and as those seeking to humbly convey Biblical truth for the benefit of every man, woman, and child in society, we the undersigned cannot remain silent concerning a dangerous bill pending in Congress known as the Equality Act (H.R. 5). Not only is it incompatible with God’s Word (the Bible) and the historic teaching of the church, but the Equality Act is also riddled with threats to religious liberty and the sanctity of human life.

“Passage of this coercive measure would lay the groundwork for this lie to enter classrooms across the nation, as public educators could be compelled to teach it to their students. No family would be safe from the long reach of the Equality Act,” it continued.

“As Evangelical and Christian leaders humbly attempting to be faithful to God’s Word and historic biblical doctrine, we must clearly state our opposition to the Equality Act and any similar measures. Simply put, this bill will harm men, women, and children, and stifle freedom. It must be stopped,” concluded the letter

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Warning: Christians Will Be ‘Forced to Violate Their Beliefs’ if Equality Act Passes

Equality Act Could Impose Left-Wing LGBT Curriculum on Whole Nation. This change to advance the radical LGBT agenda wouldn’t apply just to sex ed classes, but subjects such as history and science as well.

Laws that require gender identity and gender orientation to be a part of curriculum already exist in New Jersey, Illinois, Colorado, California, and Washington, plus the District of Columbia.

In 10 other states, lawmakers have passed bills to limit such curriculum, but the Equality Act would nullify those restrictions. (The states: Alabama, Arizona, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Florida, and North Carolina.)

A broader movement aims to reorient K-12 curriculum in America toward a focus on sexual orientation and gender identity. For instance, groups such as the Human Rights Campaign; the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network; and Planned Parenthood are encouraging initiatives that would bring this sort of education to schools around the country.

They are relentlessly working to bring pro-LGBT curriculum to schoolchildren, even at the pre-K level.

They call for pro-transgender picture books and resources for teachers to explain terms such as “pansexual,” “nonbinary,” and “sex assigned at birth” to elementary school students.

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Austrian State to Issue ‘Ten Commandments’ for Migrants

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