Trump & The Third Temple. WH Evangelicals Unite with Jews in Israel. Jerusalem & Bible Prophecy

Trump & The Third Temple. WH Evangelicals Unite with Jews in Israel. Jerusalem & Bible Prophecy. One year following the opening of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem from Tel Aviv, leaders from the White House Faith Initiative, along with Evangelical and Latin American leaders, gathered in Israel’s Knesset to promote relations between Christians and Jews, as well as the US, Latin America and Israel.

The group of 120 also included Pastor Jim and Rosemary Garlow (the niece of Oskar Schindler), Members of Knesset from the Likud and Blue and White parties, Rabbis and Jewish leaders. Representing the sixth Schindler Society Knesset Bible Study and co-sponsored by Israel365, Knesset Member Keren Barak (Likud) hosted the Monday session.

Barak thanked U.S. President Donald Trump for “staying next to Israel as an ally and friend,” calling the U.S.-Israel bond “strong and unbreakable.” She also thanked him for his recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal capital and for setting the example for other countries to move their embassies, including various Latin American countries.

Ralph Reed, founder of the Christian Coalition and member of the White House Faith Initiative, expressed the “strong solidarity of the evangelical Christian community in the United States with the State of Israel and the Jewish people.” He told Breaking Israel News, “We believe that exercising our own faith requires and calls us to defend the Jews and to stand with Israel and we are privileged to be here at an inflection point in the modern history of Israel,” referring to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s current task of organizing a new government. “We are meeting with Knesset members in the immediate aftermath of a highly competitive election,” he said.

“In addition,” Reed continued, “we anticipate that the U.S. will unveil a peace plan very soon, so this is an ideal and strategic time for us to express on behalf of 60 million U.S. evangelicals that we are totally and unalterably committed to the security and peace for the State of Israel.”

Michele Bachmann, former U.S. Congresswoman and co-chair of the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast, said it was an “honor” to be in the Knesset with “Rabbis who understand the profound influence of the Bible and the word of God and impact on Israel, the Jewish people and the world.” She expressed her gratitude for “sharing the truths of the Bible with us,” which she said, “brings about a greater foundation of unity.”

While Jews and Christians are theologically different, Bachmann told Breaking Israel News, “We have no divergence of ultimate interest because our shared interest is glorification and peace under a holy God. Faith transcends our political differences and if we humble ourselves to realize there that we are the living creation and likeness of the God who made us, if we have that starting point, that is our unity.”

Rosemary Schindler-Garlow referenced the Biblical prophecy of nations streaming to Jerusalem to learn Torah, saying, “Us, the nations and White house leaders, have come to be instructed by you in the Israeli Knesset. We unite in the purpose of bring Biblical principles to governance, to address rising anti-Semitism and to stand strongly with Israel and Jewish people,” she said, adding, “We are committed to being defenders of this land.”

The next step prophecy to be fulfilled, said Weisz is to build the third temple and for an “era of peace on earth where the wolf will lie with the lamb and we will beat our plowshares into pruning hooks.”

Those who believe Scripture contains a literal fulfillment of the biblical covenants for the Jewish people and the Land of Israel recognize rebuilding the Temple is part of this promised future. There are no more Bible prophecies to be fulfilled in literal Israel or Jerusalem. The Third Temple will be in heaven.

Christian Leaders Petition Congress: Oppose Equality Act, Defend Religious Liberty, Sanctity of Life, says Family Research Council

WASHINGTON, Last night, twenty-one prominent Christian leaders delivered a letter to Republican and Democratic leadership in the U.S. House and U.S. Senate, opposing the poorly-named Equality Act (H.R. 5) is scheduled for a vote in the U.S. House of Representatives on Friday, May 17. The pastors and evangelical leaders who initially signed the letter include: Tony Perkins, Michele Bachmann, Paul Blair, Stephen Broden, Carter Conlon, James Dobson, Jim Garlow, Franklin Graham, Jack Graham, Jack Hibbs, Harry Jackson, Jr., Robert Jeffress, Guillermo Maldonado, Eric Metaxas, Robert Morris, Ramiro Peña, Everett Piper, Ralph Reed, James Robison, Todd Wager, and Tim Wildmon.

White House Faith Leaders Unite with Evangelicals in Israel’s Knesset. Trump & The Third Temple

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