Control Your Appetite. Lessons from Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Pandemonium.Is a Life only Worth $3.99?

Control Your Appetite or Deny Jesus. Meat in Due Season & Eat in Due Season. End-Time Lessons from Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Pandemonium. Is a Life only Worth $3.99? The Flesh Pots of Popeyes. 11,000 Scientists Globally call for Depopulation to Stop Climate Change. #popeyeschickensandwich
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Saved to Serve
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"I will preach, discuss, and write; but I will constrain none, for faith is a voluntary act. See what I have done. I stood up against the pope, indulgences, and papists, but without violence or tumult. I put forward God's word; I preached and wrote--this was all I did. And yet while I was asleep...the word that I had preached overthrew popery, so that neither prince nor emperor has done it so much harm. And yet I did nothing; the word alone did all..." - The Great Controversy, page 190