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DOJ says it has authority to carry out federal executions regardless of state rules. The Justice Department engaged in a deep-dive vocabulary discussion as it tried to convince appeals court judges Wednesday that it has the authority to decide how to execute prisoners on federal death row, regardless of the rules in the states where inmates were convicted.

The key question, said Justice Department appellate attorney Melissa Patterson, is what the term "manner" means. At issue is what Congress meant when it declared 80 years ago that federal executions must be carried out "in the manner prescribed by the state" where inmates were convicted.

Patterson said Congress is simply referring to the type of execution, whether it’s lethal injection, the primary method used in the country, or other alternatives allowed in some states, such as gas chamber or hanging. This means, Patterson argued, that as long as the Justice Department follows the general method of execution allowed in states, it has authority to decide everything else, including what drugs to use.

A "much more natural interpretation of the statute" is that Congress empowered the Justice Department to decide how to execute its own inmates, Patterson said.

The hearing, which lasted about two hours in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, comes about six months after Attorney General William Barr announced he is resuming executions after a nearly two-decade hiatus. Barr also announced the federal government is changing its execution protocols, from a three-drug cocktail to just one drug: pentobarbital, which is used to anesthesize and euthanize animals. The decision, which comes as states are moving away from the death penalty, promptly met resistance from anti-death penalty advocates and death row prisoners whose executions Barr scheduled within months.

Death penalty:Justice Department resumes capital punishment after nearly two decades, orders executions of five inmates

In November, a federal district judge temporarily blocked the execution of four inmates who were supposed to die in December and this month, allowing the prisoners to challenge the legality of the new lethal injection protocols. U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan said the protocols violate the Federal Death Penalty Act, which allows the states where inmates are convicted – not the federal government – to decide on procedures.

The Justice Department appealed the ruling.

During the hearing Wednesday, the three-judge panel pressed attorneys on the meaning of "manner." Judge David Tatel wondered whether the discussion should focus on what one word means.

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