Pentagon: Expect Military Clash With China. US Prepares 4 War. Pelosi Warns EU of Huawei. 5G Summit

China Has Plan To Undermine The U.S. Military. Based on Bible Prophecy Communist China will fall to the US before the Mark of the Beast.

US-China War Happens Before The Sunday Law. Communism Falls in Bible Prophecy. Trade War, Daniel 11:

Nancy Pelosi wants US to be tougher on China than Donald Trump by aligning with EU to pressure Beijing on trade

Pelosi Warns Europe That Huawei Represents Chinese State Police

Pelosi criticizes countries for allowing Huawei into 5G rollout

US House Speaker Pelosi Warns Allies Against Using Huawei

Report: Chinese Army Stole Over 13 Million British Citizens’ Personal Data

Four members of Chinese army charged with stealing 145 million Americans’ data in 2017 Equifax hack

China out to exploit US vulnerabilities at all levels, Mike Pompeo warns

US sends surveillance planes over Taiwan Strait after Chinese war games

U.S. claps back at China with two B-52 Stratofortress bomber flights near Taiwan

Pompeo urges US governors to resist China pressure on Taiwan

Pompeo warns governors of Chinese infiltration into US: ‘It’s happening in your state’

China Expels Three Wall Street Journal Reporters

Pompeo condemns China’s expulsion of WSJ journalists

The United States prepares war against China

U.S.-China Rivalry Pushes Rise in World-Wide Military Spending, Report Finds

US defense chief slams China as rising threat to world order

US Defense Secretary Slams China as Rising Threat to World Order

Pentagon Official: US Needs New Weapons to Ready for War With China

US must be ready for military clash with China, Pentagon official Chad Sbragia says

ARMS RACE China has made World War 3 more likely today than it has been generations, experts warn

China and Russia biggest long-term challenges for the US, defense secretary says | Squawk Box Asia

China’s military buildup, global ambitions on collision course with U.S., Pentagon official warns

U.S. defense secretary tells world leaders China is Pentagon’s "top concern"

China and Russia biggest long-term challenges for the US, defense secretary says | Squawk Box Asia

Pompeo condemns China’s expulsion of WSJ journalists

White House plans 5G summit with global tech leaders as battle with Huawei continues

Pompeo says U.S. must confront China’s Communist Party

At Vatican, Secretary Mike Pompeo highlights Chinese religious freedom violations

Scolding China, Pompeo proposes U.S./Vatican alliance on religious freedom

Chinese Communist Party Leader Xi Jinping prepares for military clash with America.

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