Chinese Warship Fires Laser at US Navy Plane. Pope Sick. Coronavirus, Italy Lockdown. Stocks Crash

Chinese destroyer aims laser at US Navy plane in ‘unsafe’ manner, military says. A People’s Republic of China (PRC) navy destroyer 161 on Feb. 17 aimed a laser at a U.S. Navy P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft while it was flying above international waters, according to the U.S. Pacific Fleet.

The incident took place approximately 380 miles west of Guam and occurred without provocation, the fleet’s public affairs office said in a statement.

The laser China used, which is invisible to the naked eye, had been observed by a sensor that was onboard the P-8A.

Weapons-grade lasers have the potential to cause serious harm to servicemembers and could have damaged various ship and aircraft systems. US says Chinese warship fired military laser at US aircraft. US Navy said Thursday that a Chinese military warship fired a military grade laser at US Navy P-8 surveillance aircraft last week while it was flying over the Pacific Ocean, an action that the US Navy called "unsafe and unprofessional."

China Prepares For Conflict With Taiwan and US; Orders 1.4M Body Armor Units.
Global Times, China’s state-run daily tabloid newspaper and “mouthpiece” of the Chinese Communist Party, announced Saturday that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is purchasing 1.4 million units of body armor. The justification for such a transaction amid the COVID-19 epidemic: To prepare for war with Taiwan and the United States.

China to buy 1.4 million body armor units for war with Taiwan, US

Coronavirus Updates: Italy Reports 650 Cases And 17 Deaths. Italy’s number of COVID-19 coronavirus cases spiked by more than 50% in just 24 hours and now stands at 650, the Italian Ministry of Health says, adding that 17 people have died from the respiratory virus. More than 400 of the cases are in the hard-hit Lombardy region, where some towns are under a lockdown.

Pope Francis sick a 2nd day, cancels audiences. Pope Francis has canceled his official audiences after apparently coming down with a cold. The Vatican hasn’t said what exactly Francis has come down with, but he was coughing and blowing his nose during Ash Wednesday Mass this week.

Italy under lockdown: ‘My town is shocked and scared’.
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About 50,000 residents in 11 towns in the industrialised and wealthy north have been told they cannot leave a cordoned area until March 6 — if they do, they face fines or up to three months’ imprisonment. The 400 police at the 35 checkpoints in a “red zone” of 10 Lombardy towns are reported to have stopped five attempted escapes. Essential supplies of food and medicine are allowed in but no one else can visit the affected towns. While individuals can leave their homes, they are not to go to school or work. Public gatherings are banned.

The Week That Wiped $3.4 Trillion Off the Stock Market
U.S. stocks were at record levels just last week, seemingly unaffected by fears that the coronavirus could dent the global economy. Dow’s point drop worst on record as stocks fall into correction
Dow posts worst point drop ever

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