Blexit, Kanye West, & The Return of Slavery In America. US Constitution Broken. Convention of States

Revelation 13 pt 1:

Revelation 13: pt 2:

Mark of the Beast:

Pt 1 Donald Trump is the Last President:

Pt 2 Donald Trump is the Last President:

Christians should not be involved with voting. Church and Politics are to have a wall of separation between them. Church and State united to crucify Jesus. The union of church and state in America will lead to the mark of the beast.

Kanye West backs Donald Trump, says ‘Republican Party freed the slaves’ at Sunday Service. Evangelicals for Trump are apart of a Trump coalition to garner in votes from the church.
‘Black Americans Are Waking Up:’ More African Americans Exiting Democratic Party in ‘Blexit’ Movement. Now, a movement called Blexit, which means the exit of black Americans from the Democrat Party, is encouraging African Americans to abandon the status quo.

Conservative firebrand Candace Owens started the organization that now boasts chapters in several states. Inroads President Trump has made into the black community. They include historically low unemployment for African Americans, prison reform, and allocating a record amount of federal money to historically black colleges.

Paris Dennard of Black Voices for Trump says it’s time for African Americans to compare the president’s results to the lack of progress in big cities run by Democrats. President Trump and I think more and more black Americans are waking up to the fact that we might have to give Donald Trump another chance and we might have to give the Republican Party – not just at the president but down ballot a first look."

Meanwhile, Robinson, who has faced backlash for her conservative political views, urges other African American believers to consider their values.

Senate passes resolution calling for an Article V Convention of States

State lawmakers looking at effort to change U.S. Constitution. Runaway federal spending and congressional gridlock have prodded some state lawmakers to consider something that hasn’t been done since 1787: Call a convention of states to alter the U.S. Constitution. Over the decades, there have been multiple attempts to call a convention of states, which is one of two ways the Constitution can be altered. The other way is by two-thirds vote by Congress and the U.S. Senate. Both methods require ratification by the states.

But not everyone thinks changing the Constitution is a good idea. "I oppose it because even though they claim it will be limited to what can be discussed the reality is that once you open it up … everything is on the table," she said, adding that she recalled the Obama-era effort led by the tea party to call a convention of states. "Trust me when I tell you that in some communities in this state there may well be an interest in repealing the 13th, 14th, and maybe 15th amendments."

The 13th Amendment abolished slavery, the 14th Amendment allows citizenship to those born in the United States, and the 15th Amendment establishes voting rights regardless of race or color.

The coronavirus is conditioning people to accept quarantines which is to prepare for concentration camps. Soon America will enslave christians that obey the TRUE Sabbath which is Saturday. Slavery will be reinstituted and blacks will be enslaved in the south.

How China corralled 1 million people into concentration camps. CHINA CAN no longer credibly claim the concentration camps in Xinjiang province are vocational skills training centers. The facilities, where more than 1 million Uighurs, Kazakhs and other predominantly Muslim minorities have been held over the last two years, are indoctrination camps aimed at stripping these peoples of their traditions, culture and language. New evidence has come to light that exposes, in granular detail, how detainees were selected and monitored, not for vocational skills, but rather because they were Muslims and behaved in ways that China’s leaders thought objectionable.


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