Largest Monopoly in US History $2Trill.Pope Leads World in Prayer.Trump:Open Churches Easter Sunday

$2 Trillion Stimulus Package: Largest Monopoly by Far in US History to Enslave Businesses, Adults & Children. Pope Blames Climate Change for COVID-19 & Leads World in Prayer at Noon; Midnight Cry Next. Trump Influenced by Evangelicals: "Open Churches on Easter Sunday." Digital Dollar Project: "U.S. Digital Currency Coming Soon.
Pope blames coronavirus on nature ‘having a fit’ over environmental damage. YouTube. LieSiteNews. Mar 24, 2020.
Trump discusses the state of the economy amid coronavirus in FNC exclusive. YouTube. Fox News. Mar 24, 2020.
Tony Perkins on the Power of Prayer to Fight the Coronavirus. YouTube. CBN News. Mar 18, 2020.
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"I will preach, discuss, and write; but I will constrain none, for faith is a voluntary act. See what I have done. I stood up against the pope, indulgences, and papists, but without violence or tumult. I put forward God's word; I preached and wrote--this was all I did. And yet while I was asleep...the word that I had preached overthrew popery, so that neither prince nor emperor has done it so much harm. And yet I did nothing; the word alone did all..." - The Great Controversy, page 190